A Manifesto for Rematerializing Aesthetics


Participation in Vana Kostayola's performative conference "Rematerializing Aesthetics" with a mock manifesto on the "knowledge of the multitude".

Goldsmith’s University, 21 July 2005, London.

The “Rematerialising Aesthetics” conference was a mock conference organised by Vana Kostayola as her postgraduate degree project at Goldsmith’s. It was a disturbing re-enactment of an actual conference held at the same auditorium a month ago by Warren Neidich. Kostayola’s fake lecturers addressed the relation between neuroscience and art, with absurd references to phenomenology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience combined with obscure jargon. It capitulated with a panel discussion where irritated members of the audience posed fiery objections.

Stafylakis took part by submitting a paper/manifesto on the “knowledge of the multitude”. The text, which was read to the attendees, improvised with ideas and phrases from popular and artsy essays by Hardt & Negri, inciting the fetishization of this strand of political theory in the art-world. This collaboration with Vana Kostayola marked the kick-start of our KavecS duet.