An Antihumanist Under the Table I & II


A series of performances by Kostis Stafylakis hiding underneath a table!


The first Antihumanist Under the Table performance took place in the framework of GOMENES, a project of the platform Netting the Work, at “Omonoia”, 5th Athens Biennial, 20/4/2016

Throughout an afternoon of presentations at the Bangeion building of Omonoia (5th Athens biennale), Kostis Stafylakis remained hidden under a table. A large number of viewers had gathered to attend artist presentations, in a hall full of tables. An audio system transmitted Stafylakis’s speech from his laptop, from under the table, outside of sight, completely covered by a tablecloth. A speech software lent its voice to the “anti-humanist under the table”. The speech included extracts from a classic text by Louis Althusser, “Marxism and Humanism” (1964). In this famous essay, Althusser analyzes the features of “scientific anti-humanism” in Marx’s “mature” writings. The “anti-humanist under the table” says: 

You want to believe you are all post-human. You think you are Post-human. You believe you have transcended traditional humanity by enhancing your human capacities. You think you are post-human or trans-human. I believe you are wrong. […] I believe you are probably still humanists. You believe you are post-human but you are probably still humanists.

The second Antihumanist Under the Table performance took place at State of Concept, in 2016.