Mutants of Readiness @ Toxicfest 2021 X Video Cypher


Mutants of Readiness by Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis featured at Toxicfest hosted by Video Cypher at Prince Eduard, Hong Kong, 21 August 2021.

Toxicfest 2021 X Video Cypher: If I die do not unfollow.

Video Cypher is initiated by Anna Chim in 2017, and inspired by LA beat cypher crew Team Supreme. The intention of Video Cypher is about gathering friends to encourage and inspire each other in playing with videos and making progress together

日期 Date: 鬼節前夕 Eve of Ghost Festival 21.08.2021
時間 Time: 4–10PM
地點 Venue: 太子 Prince Edward

Toxicfest is the final film festival of the anthropocene, and was formed by multiple curatorial collectives and artists, in which the five film programmes convey messages from the futureless present. From June to July this year, Toxic Fest was held at Tick Tack, an exhibition space in Antwerp, Belgium. This time in Hong Kong, at dawn on the eve of the Ghost Festival, Video Cypher’s Underworld Messenger will lead us into a series of rituals: we will screen the 5 toxicants of Toxic Fest and burn our artists’ paper works, dedicate them to the wandering deceased and all the lonely wild souls who are here with us.

❧ 紙紮創作 Paper Artists:
@shealwaysappears @pelvishead @[email protected] @jennnital & @greedy_rigor @arjthought @yeahso_loveu @clara_bside @gavinyipkit @k.o.t.z @ideath_
❧ 地府使者 Underworld Messenger
❧ 紀錄 Documentation
❧ Toxic Fest 單位 Units
– Underground Flower:一個全球性的策展團體,創建場外展覽和其他多學科項目,為這個破爛世界進行聯網的儀式。
– Solo Show:一個不斷發展的界面,為不同獨立創意項目從 irl 和 url 角度融合探索小眾美學,由 Underground Flower 和 Rhizome Parking Garage 發起和組織。
– Rhizome Parking Garage:一個分散的游擊展覽場地,它無處不在,同時又不存在,提供了一個可能的破壞源、一個重組實踐的途徑。
– KOTZ:來自萊比錫的精神愛情恐怖組織。
Underground Flower is a global curatorial collective, creating offsite exhibs + other multidisciplinary work as networked rituals for a damaged world.
Solo Show is a constantly-evolving interface for independent creative projects exploring niche aesthetics from the interzones of irl + url, initiated and organized by Underground Flower and Rhizome Parking Garage.
Rhizome Parking Garage operates as a decentralized guerilla exhibition site that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, offering a possible source of disruption, an avenue of re-organizational practises.
KOTZ is a spiritual love terror group from Leipzig.
⊰ 毒物1 ⊱
《Terminal Space 終端空間》(2021)
K.O.T.Z 作品
第1-3集(共10集)Chapters 1-3 (of 10)
旁述 Narrated by: Torre Alain, Valerie You, Jennnital
編劇 Screenplay written by: Ian Bruner
時長 Duration: 25 分鐘 minutes
⊰ 毒物2 ⊱
《創世紀 GENESIS》(2021)
Tadpole Origin & Valerie You 作品
執導 Directed by: Valerie You
平面設計 Graphics: Kaspar Sczech
附加劇本、聲效、影片:Additional script, sound, and footage: Torre Alain, Rasheed Mirza
時長 Duration: 13:20 分鐘 minutes
⊰ 毒物3 ⊱
《Mutants of Readiness》(2021)
Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis 作品 聯合 feat. Joshua Citarella
現場表演節錄 Live Stream Excerpts (表演日期 Original Performance date: 20.12.2020)
時長 Duration: 20 分鐘 minutes
⊰ 毒物4 ⊱
《餓鬼福利包 Hungry Ghost Bonus Pack》
為是次活動全新節目 Special new works for this event
Remixes by Valerie You 作品
⊰ 毒物5 ⊱
《SAMSARA》預告 preview
策劃 Organized by: Gallerie Falena & Underground Flower
Samsara是基於「Maman 妈妈」展覽完成的虛擬現實遊戲,旨在表現人類進步、幻想、自我和人格解體之間的致幻張力。
Samsara is a VR game experience based on the MAMAN mythology: a hallucinatory tension between human progress, fantasy, ego, and depersonalization.

Watch Mutants of Readiness : Director’s Cut by Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis, ft. Joshua Citarella: