ORMeBa : Organization for the Rescue of Memory in the Balkans


An action by Kostis Stafylakis and Vana Kostayola (KavecS). Participation at the show Recorded Memories, by Goethe-Institute Athens at Benaki Museum, June 2015

ORMeBA, the Organization for the Rescue of Memory in the Balkans is an innovative NGO that combines humanistic psychology, collective action and contemporary art practices to enhance the reconciliation of populations in the Balkans. ORMeBa’s headquarters are situated in Geneva. Its action is monitored by the International Humanistic Psychology Association, an important institution that researches ways of applying multicultural values on territories that have experienced social violence. From the viewpoint of humanistic psychology, contemporary art (relational art, participatory art, archival art) can contribute to enhance social peace from below.

Kostis Stafylakis presents his collaboration with ORMeBa in front of an audience of curators and museum visitors. KavecS and ORMeBa collaborate for a project at Visegrad, Bosnia. The project purportedly brings Serbo-Bosnians and Muslims together through an artistic ritual. Stafylakis’ presentation is a wild appropriation of hegemonic artistic humanism and “NGO Art”.