PSAK : Infiltrating political parties with Sofia Bempeza

flag and map at EPAM

Kostis Stafylakis and Sofia Bempeza infiltrate Greek political parties of the anti-memorandum spectre and then speak at NGBK

EPAM boos saying things
troubled at EPAM
EPAM boss interview candid camera
interviewing the EPAM boss 2

Stafylakis and Bempeza introduce themselves as representatives of PSAK, an initiative for the unification of anti-memorandum groups, and infiltrate the party of EPAM (Unified People’s Movement). They visit the movement’s headquarters and discuss with members and the leader. Greek flags, maps, statues, and the music of Mikis Theodorakis decorate the space. Stafylakis and Bempeza presented their action at Enjoy Your State of Emergency, NGBK, Berlin.

presenting PSAK at NGBK with Bempeza 3
EPAL member and tea
inside the EPAM headquarters