Rebirth Therapy Group : A few trustworthy men @ aaart

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A show by Kostis Stafylakis and Vana Kostayola (KavecS) at aaart gallery, Athens, 2007

For the the first solo show of KavecS, the gallery space of aaart was transformed into a New Age Clinic for the corporate promotion of  ‘Rebirth Therapy Group’,  a company of therapists who customize New Age therapies and apply them to different labor networks.

The RTG specialists offer therapeutic services to corporations, employees, employers, and managers. The human resource departments of the Athenian corporate world received a promo email, two weeks before the show, inviting them to visit RTG’s facilities and experience some highly effective therapeutic and diagnostic methods. KavecS designed the official corporate identity of the RTG with emphasis on the application of therapies to specific groups and individuals.

The show was based on the study of actual “therapy” services becoming popular in the post Olympic Games Athens, part of new corporate culture. These sessions involve New Age therapies such as Craniosacral therapy and Rebirth therapy. The visitors had to complete a form with personal data that were forwarded to one of our therapists. Some of the performers were actual doctors and some were chiropractics.

A Swedish visitor was very happy with the feedback she received from the therapists and mentioned that one of these therapies was introduced in a network of Swedish prisons by a person she knew. Some of the visitors were offended by a particular therapy that claimed to provide women with a simulated experience of motherhood, saving them from giving actual birth and therefore “favoriting their career”.
RTG therapists at work
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RTG promo
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