Readiness the LARP: a game-master's report for OFLUXO


Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis wrote a game-master's report for Readiness the LARP, published by OFLUXO.

Readiness is a Chamber LARP for 8-16 Players and a Game Master that takes place inside the “Encampment”, a fictional campsite constructed by the Preppers to protect themselves against an apocalypse of mysterious origins. Readiness is informed  current global turmoil and the attitudes of survival, alienation and vigilance built around it. It combines elements of gaming culture, performance, lyric theater and post-media art.

The LARP will play out over 4 days, including an introduction and character building workshop and 3 Acts played in real time over 3 days. Players of Readiness will be assigned to one of 3 Clans (Preppers, Horde, Boogaloos, Neutral) and given a Character Outline, who they can further design and refine. The LARP will be broadcasted as a Live Stream and recorded for further editing.

The world of Readiness is a bleak apocalyptic dystopia where madness,  and toxic personalities have won over reason. It takes place within the Encampment. We are unsure what lies beyond. The Encampment consists of a series of Key Locations. These are The Egg, the Tunnels, the Firepit, the Lab, the Throne, the Cage, the Armory  the Wall.

Read the entire report at OFLUXO, here